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Kirkeby & Co. Family and Criminal Lawyers - Appeals
Occasionally judges get it wrong, or a party in a court proceeding is simply not happy about the outcome of their case.

It is not uncommon for a decision to be overturned on appeal, although appeals are usually expensive to run so you want the best advice before lodging an appeal.

If your case hasn't worked out how you hoped, Kirkeby & Co can review the outcome and advise you about the prospects for a successful appeal.

In less complex cases, we will be able to advise you ourselves; alternatively we can refer a complex matter to a barrister or Queen's/Senior Counsel for their opinion on the grounds for an appeal.

Remember that strict deadlines apply to making an appeal, so you need to move quickly if you think an appeal may be justified.

Give us a call in that situation. There is no charge for an initial telephone discussion about your matter.

Sydney (02) 8417 2320

Newcastle (02) 4036 3055

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