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The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) deals with a wide range of disputes and administrative law matters including:

• Disputes about the supply of goods or services, including vehicles, and reviewing certain types of taxation decisions.
• Reviewing administrative decisions about access to information held by government agencies.
• Reviewing administrative decisions about foster care and other community services matters.
• Tenancy disputes and other residential property disputes (e.g., fencing disputes).
• Guardianship orders and financial management orders, and consent to treatment where there is a decision making disability.
• Reviewing agency decisions about licences (e.g., taxi licences, tattooist licences).
• Professional disciplinary matters relating to lawyers, doctors and other professional workers.

Although there are restrictions on parties being legally represented in some cases (e.g., tenancy matters), we can advise you about your NCAT case and can represent you in most serious or complex cases. NCAT cases often require significant preparation, such as obtaining relevant evidence and making submissions about how the relevant legislation should be interpreted and applied. Call us for any assistance you require with an NCAT case. There is no charge for an initial telephone discussion about your matter.

Sydney (02) 8417 2320

Newcastle (02) 4036 3055

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